Vanetia's Thoughts

Session 1:
New Encounters and Surprises

Apparently I am to travel with Fitzgerald and Drakka. Drakka is a tiny acolyte, I am dubious to how useful she will be. Fitzgerald is a big man, a bit taller then myself, and as wide as building! I would say he looks rough, though that could be his orcish features… For all I know he’s a big teddy bear!

The travel towards the asylum was long, and boring, and I traveled apart from my traveling companions.
Shortly after arriving we realized that the asylum was fairly desolate, aside from people who fell before the Vealkas’ Doom lumbering around.

The inquisitors went up to check on the wardens room, while the three of us went up to check on the door-opening-mechanism, or what ever. We found demons up there!
Demons are well and scary and all that, but that was much less surprising then Drakka!
She leapt over me, and ran on ahead to check up on things… She is fast!
Fitzgerald did as expected, wielding that huge blade of his to great effect. But Drakka! I offered her my sword, but she refused it, rightly so. I would not want to be punched by her, that is for certain.

They know… I did never expect it to remain a secret. Fitzgerald said that I was not expendable, and as sweet as that was, I suppose… I gave up my princess position when I joined the church. While I still have a good relation to most of my kin, I can never return to what I was, nor will I. Further, barring that I will not give up until I find Lucas!

Session 2:
Embaressement, cursed goo, and a sad reunion

Goblins… It had to be goblins. Fitzgerald he… I was in the way, apparently, so he picked me and moved us both. I am not sure if I am insulted, or what, but I have decided to refrain from thinking about it. Well, things did go well, until I had the brilliant idea of jumping over vicious dogs. Now, I abandoned much of my elven pride when I joined the church, but even so… The humiliation… No! We shall never speak of it again!

Fitzgerald seem to have dealt with these Hallowed previously. I would not be able to bring myself to do what he did, dismembering. At first I was shocked, but upon seeing his face, I believe I may understood his resolution. I did not stop him. Understanding, and accepting, is far apart, however.

That well… It is not a place any living being should ever go near, it sends chills down my spine just thinking about it. The prison was not as bad as I had imagined, however… At least not after seeing the well, I suppose. It does appear, however, that we have to enter a deeper level of this cursed place, in order to find a way through it.

Lucas… In my wildest dreams I did not imagine I would see him again… And while I do not wish to admit it, I kind of wish I had not. To see him like that was… Painful. He had kept his Velkeas’ Doom from me.
I will travel Lordran. I will find a way to reverse this curse… I will save you, Lucas… But firstly, there is a certain demon who needs to know what happens when you hurt a paladins loved one.

Session 3:
Anger, Gwyns Grace, and the Warmth of Caring

I will be honest… I don’t remember leaving Lucas’ side… I don’t remember lifting the gate. I simply remember holding it, and letting Drakka and Fitzgerald pass me. I was looking down, a drop hit the floor, but it is not raining—I see… Drakka said something. I do not know what, however, I instinctively reached for my bow. And all of a sudden something broke the floor. Apparently, the demon flew straight on top of us. My ring protected me, as my brother always said it would.

I called for Gwyn to bless me… To bless my assault… I know that my emotions are not pure right now, I know that what I feel, the anger, the hurt… It is not a way a paladin should enter combat, even against a demon. However, I cannot help it… I can only hope that Gwyn accepts me righteous vengeance.

Gwyn answered to my anger… My arrows brilliantly golden. My anger clouded my vision, I could barely see anything that was not the hideous monster. Therefor, I did not see her until she was right on top of me. Drakka had been thrown towards me. She had leapt straight into the demons reach. Is she mad? We flew into the wall behind me. I asked her if she was alive, without taking my now slightly blurry and stumbled vision off the demon. She did not answer, she merely prayed. Asking Gwyn for help in a battle such as this is very understandable, she does not have my training, nor my battle prowess. She does have prowess of her own, however it seems less suitable to fight monsters such as this, then my own abilities.

What I already had was not enough, my arrows did not hit as true as they should. Was it my angers fault? I asked Gwyn for the strength to destroy the demon… Again, Gwyn responded to my anger. I climbed up a ladder, to get higher ground. What I see when I get up is Fitzgerald, that madmen leapt straight towards the demon. Does my traveling companions have a death wish? He reached the demon, I did not see anything else, I could only pray that he was safe. Sludge came towards me, my senses was too clouded by anger to react. I felt sluggish, hampered. Even so, I could not let the creature that hurt Lucas be allowed to escape… I took aim, and remember my brothers training, he had told me channel my emotions, not let them go, but channel them into the arrow, and let that go. And so I did. The arrow hit true, and the demon was destroyed.

After the dust had settled, and the slime… I went to find Lucas’ things. It broke my heart to see his sword again. I remembered how we had sparred. I was terrible with a sword, but he still insisted that I was better then him. Of course I was not, but it felt good to be appreciated.

We made camp in the corner… Where we had just fought a demon, as well as the room next to where Lucas was resting. I felt uneasy about this, however, I saw the logic in the camp. Drakka helped Fitzgerald with his wounds. He has a lot of scars. I notice that Drakka’s head is still bleeding, from hitting my breastplate earlier. I decide take out a wand, and heal it. She seemed thankful, and a bit surprised.

I my pride can be a weakness… I know hiding things are never a good thing. However, my upbringing keeps creeping back to me. Never show weakness, never show that Elven kin are not immortal. Drakka asked me about my wounded thigh. I tried to brush her off, but she saw through me. I let her deal with it. She has very gentle hands for this sort of thing.

Drakka spoke of her travels. She has been through a lot. Wait… Eeh.. She can manipulate her blood and muscles? I wonder how that works, and feels… It sounds scary, though. Both Fitzgerald and Drakka has such colourful tales… What is mine? I was brought up in the bosom of luxury. My only sacrifice was leaving my Elven title and princess privileges to serve Gwyn. I have trained hard to get to where I am… However, I have not paid as much as they have. What was my brother used to say? Some are born great, then there are those who have greatness thrust upon them. And finally, those who work hard for greatness. «sigh»

I offered to take first watch, seeing as Fitzgerald had already taken off his armor. However, his armor was already back on. So I removed mine, and lied down. Drakka laid down next to me. She was very close, I guess she was cold. Gwyn protects me from such things. In return, I figured that I could protect Drakka, somewhat at least, so I wrapped her with my cloak. When I got up to relieve Fitzgerald I left my cloak with Drakka, she looks so peaceful when she sleeps.

Session 4:
Sin, fighting, and the deep dark fears.

The light of Gwyn rose… Well, not that we would notice, due to the high cliff face. I felt the cold air touch against my skin, as I did every morning. Drakka mentioned she would do her morning prayers. I said that I would join her. However, as it turns out… They do morning prayer really strangely over in Kitai. I did mine as I normally did. Drakka, on the other hand, started… Moving around… Due to how her muscles reacted, it kinda looked like a workout, I suppose. I always feel uneasy until my morning prayers are done, the cold bite my cheeks otherwise. Drakka does not seem to have the same reaction, maybe Gwyn blesses her differently?

Either way, we attempted to climb out of the room… Well, when I say ‘we attempted’, I mean that Drakka and Fitzgerald got up without much problem. Aside from ladders, I have never really climbed before. Something that became painfully clear… They had to help me up… Very undignified… Fitzgerald came down again and p—pushed me from behind, and Drakka sent down a rope, and pulled me up. I do not know if I have ever been this embarrassed in my life. I try not show it, though I do believe my companions saw through me.

We went through the big door, and Gwyns light graced us on the other side. The sight was magnificent! It was a plateau, open and airy. If not for Gwyns grace, I would probably be cold this high up. There was a path down to our left, I believe. However, Drakka help up the crow foot, and went towards the peninsula-like edge. She cracked off the claw, and took a few step back.
Nothing happened for a bit. But then a giant crow-like creature appeared from the edge, and landed right in front of us! The giant bird looked us over. I have met absolvers before, but this was something completely different! A divine creature here to judge our sins, or something similar.

Drakka went first… She had let her friend die. That can not have been easy. Then it was my turn… I could not think of anything… Surely I am no saint? Surely I have done terrible things? I have gone to war! I have killed… In Gwyns name, or in my families name… Is that truly a sin? Family… That is my greatest sin… I told the bird that leaving my family was my sin… That rejecting everything that I am, for the sake of my own selfish ambition, was my sin. The bird looked me over, and accepted it. I felt a strange sensation, as if the guilt tried to leave me, though I do not believe that to be possible. Finally, it was Fitzgerald’s turn. He simply went up and said that he had survived. I am not certain that I understand… What can be so bad about surviving? ‘What did he do to survive?’, that question went through my mind. The bird accepted it, and as Fitzgerald joined us, the bird picked us up, and swooped away!

It was a terrifying feeling, though at the same time.. For the lack of a better term… Awesome! We flew faster then I have seen anything move before! Drakka seemed uninterested in this, however. We were hugged together in the same claw. And she appeared to be… Meditating, or something.
When we arrived, she snapped at me. Started asking me why I did not trust them. I will not lie, I was thoroughly confused. She mentioned that I must have killed people, and that is a much worse sin! I disagreed. Killing innocent is a sin. However, killing justly in the eyes of Gwyn, could not possibly be a sin, could it? I have refused to kill for the church, when I have felt that it was not just. And I been punished for it. Though, I cannot forgo showing mercy, to those who deserve it.
I do not believe that Drakka understands. The importance of our family, the importance of our blood… It is not something easily rejected. I do not know that I could explain it for her, if she does not understand. It saddens me.

I try my best to explain myself, however there simply is not enough time! If we are not interrupted by a soldier-like person sharpening his blade, who by the way gave some worthwhile information! Very nice man! Then we’re interrupted by a nervous priest. I do not approve of lying, and this priest was doing just that. However, some how I… Forgave him. That was an odd sensation… I mean, it is not often that people lie to me… Or at least, I have been told that it is not often that I detect it. I must have glanced more into his words then I realised, as I forgave him, almost immediately. I even pitied him. He was an odd man, even so.

Not long after, as we neared the aqueduct-like structure, we saw several Hollowed people guarding it. My elven reactions allowed me to let loose a volley of arrows, before anything could react. Two of them charged us… However… Between Drakka’s fines, and Fitzgeralds… Force. They fell quickly. The charging rage monster-person, however! He was quite resilient. Fitzgerald forced him up against the wall. However, his sword go stuck in cliff wall, and in true orc fashion, Fitzgerald got angry… He pulled the sword out with all his might. He did not, however, pay attention as to where his sword landed. It landed straight on my shoulder. Right between the shoulder pad, and the armguard, actually! It felt as if my arm would go off… I have seen this sword cut straight through demons! For the first time since I became a paladin, I was afraid. Not afraid of Fitzgerald, but afraid of the orc inside him. As long as Fitzgerald remains in control, we are fine. But when he looses it, he may very well kill us all. That is what I thought. We managed to fight the hollows off. And as Drakka followed the last one, I joined them late, after he had already been cleaved by Fitzgerald. All three of us were hurt. I called upon Gwyn in silent prayer, and healed us. Right after that, however, a bomb-like-thing exploded right next to us. With my elven reflexes, I was able to shield it with my cloak. Drakka ran up the stairs. And the next we hear is a cry for pain, from Drakka. I looked at Fitzgerald, I nodded to indicate that he should pick me up and run me up the stairs, though I believe he may not have seen it, even so. He did pick me up, and ran me up the stairs. As I reached Drakka, I could not see the extent of her injuries, so I merely landed, and shot the guard. He perished. Drakka was fine… The guard had not hit her. She said something about stubbing her toe, or something. I looked back at Fitzgerald, again I tried to convey a message through look alone, though I do not know if he understood it.

We remained for a few moments, looking over our attackers. Drakka pushed one of them down the cliff. A mercy I could understand. It would allow them to rest longer, as well as disallow them from harming anyone, or so we could hope at least. I assisted her in this endeavor.

Shortly after, we entered the gates of Lordran. You would not find spookier places then this! Deserted streets… There is an uneasiness over this place, I keep feeling as if I see something move in the corner of my eye. If this… Fear? Proper fear? Paladins does not fear anything!… I know that is not true. Nothing can scare us, for Gwyn protects us from it, however we still feel fear. I was terrified… I hope my companions cannot tell.

A hollow noticed us from far away, he ran over a bridge towards us! I pulled out my bow, however, the next that happened made me nearly drop it. As the hollow reached the mid part of the bridge, a lizard like creature, with red-leathery wings, dropped down and picked the hollow up. It swooped by… Was that a… Dragon?!

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Vanetia's Thoughts

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